A stress-free house move with kids: Tips from

In the UAE, moving homes is an expected part of expat life. The reasons may vary from a rent increase to needing a bigger home. Even then, m...


Busy Hands: Fire Truck Shape Craft

My son loves cars and trucks so much that we find ourselves returning to this theme again and again when making crafts or doing activities. ...


Festive picks for kids from Centrepoint's Autumn/Winter 2015 collection

The end of summer is approaching, and in the UAE, this only means that there's lots to look forward to. Most celebrations are planned ar...


Busy Hands: Leaf Matching and Colouring Activity

Even though we don't find real autumn leaves where we are, we love making our own! Like this painted Autumn Leaf Mobile we made last ye...


A mini makeover with Eleanor (Review)

You can't deny the role makeup plays in making a woman feel confident. And I do feel that moms need that confidence even more, consideri...


Developing your child's language through play

I've always believed in play being a wonderful medium for children to learn and grow. Babies show an interest in playing as soon as they...


Busy Hands: Weather Cards

Little Dude likes doing crafts independently these days. So, when we made these weather cards, I let him take the lead, with a little guidan...


Five Tips Friday: Finding balance as a mom

It seems to be the predicament of moms more than Dads. That quest to find the 'right balance' between being a parent and being an in...


15 Mess-Free Activities for Toddlers

Having a toddler or preschooler at home naturally means you are no stranger to messes. Still, there are some days when you just don't wa...


Handling separation anxiety with empathy

Separation anxiety is a natural behavioural trait that children may develop as early as six months. I first noticed it in my son when he was...


Finding the right shoe fit with Clarks

We recently visited  Clarks store in the Mall of the Emirates for a shoe fitting, and realized how important it is for kids to have their f...

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