Five Tips Friday: Finding balance as a mom

It seems to be the predicament of moms more than Dads. That quest to find the 'right balance' between being a parent and being an individual with your own interests. But finding that balance is still important.

Being swamped with parenting duties can make you feel weighed down and unacknowledged. That's why you need time for yourself, and a lifestyle which factors in your needs too. This is the art of being a balanced mom. And it's not hard to do if you value yourself as much as you do your kids and spouse. It starts from you, and they will follow your lead and respect your need for self enrichment.

Five tips to help you find the right balance between being a parent and and making time for yourself.

Here are a few tips to help you find the right balance as a mom:

1. Delegate chores

Even toddlers are capable fof helping out, and they are more than happy to! Get your kids in the habit of doing their own chores at a early age, so you don't end up picking after them as teens. Chores also helps build a work ethic in children, and make them self-sufficient and confident. And don't forget that your spouse is a co-parent, not just someone who does the dishes when you're sick. Fairly dedicate relaxant tasks around the house, so you have some load off.

2. Have systems in place

Have routines for everything. They are what keep you from falling apart. Without a system in place, everything just flounders. Make sure everyone knows the routine for getting to school, for instance. Have a laundry system, and a meal plan. These little things take some organizing, but are totally worth it once they become part of the family schedule.

3. Everyone needs a hobby

Your kids probably have after-school classes or sports they attend. Make sure you have something extra to do too. Whether it's a yoga class, or a pottery, have something to do just by yourself. I would suggest that every member of the family have at least one thing they call their own, as a means of fulfilling their individual interests. On weekends and holidays, you can also do activities as a family, because that's important too.

4. Take care of your health

Apart from mental stress, not paying attention to your health can wear you out and make you feel less than yourself. Take small steps to eating healthier and exercising. Be regular with your check-ups. A healthy you is a happy you, and a happier you is a happier family.

5. Keep in touch with friends

It's easy to get caught up with everyday life. But remember that friends fill a social gap that make you feel complete. Meet friends regularly, and pick up the phone o talk to them once in a while, instead of just chatting on Facebook. In fact, don't forget to keep in touch with single friends too. They will offer you a refreshing change of perspective!

Work on finding the right balance between finding happiness in being a mom, and doing the things that matter to you as an individual.

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