Tips, Resources & Ideas for Throwing a Frugal Birthday Party

When your child asks for a 'big' birthday party, you obviously want to do whatever you can to give them the best birthday ever. Still, a bouncy castle or pony rides isn't something everyone can afford, or even want to splurge on. Truth is, young kids may ask for the world for their birthday parties, but they are happiest with simple things. The important thing is that they have a good time with their friends, and look back on the day with a smile on their faces.

Here are some tips, ideas, and resources for when you want to throw 
the 'best birthday party ever' without spending a fortune.

More than 45 tips, resources, and theme ideas for throwing your child a frugal but fun birthday party!

Six tips for throwing a frugal birthday party:

1. Choose a simple theme

If your little one isn't too picky, choose basic themes such as favourite colours, polka dots, balloons, or flowers. That way you can make your own decorations using inexpensive supplies. It also allows you to be flexible with the other elements of the party such as games, and food. Popular character-based parties tend to be expensive because there's a royalty fee attached to the supplies.

2. Invite only close friends

If you have many kids in your immediate family, consider only having them over. There's no rule that you have to invite your child's whole class. You can make do with a few close friends just as well. This is especially true for younger kids who don't really have 'best friends'. As they get older, you know you're going to have to let up on the guest list. So, save on the costs while you can!

3. Take it outdoors

If you have a backyard, or even a friend's lawn, use it. Kids' parties are much more fun outdoors, and you'll have to spend less on decorations. You also won't have to worry about keeping the kids entertained because they'll be busy running around.

4, Scout for online freebies

If your child insists on a character party theme, look at their official websites for free birthday banners, party hats, and more. You can even find free printables online on various websites for almost any theme or character. The printer is your friend, and will save you loads on store-bought supplies.

5. Ditch goodie bags

There's really no point in filling goodie bags with cheap trinkets that won't last long. Avoid it unless you have a particular theme. A great way to go around this is to have the kids create something themselves, such as candles, photo frames, and notebooks. Then, they can take their unique gifts home.

6. Make healthy snacks

It's actually cheaper to make healthy fruit and veggie snacks than spending on candies and sweets. Stick to the basics like sandwiches, burgers, and cookies. Give your simple food a party twist with decorative picks and toppers.

Ideas for DIY Birthday Cakes 

1. Train Chocolate Cake recipe

2. Tips for the perfect birthday cake

3.  Easy Star Wars Cake

4. Monster Truck Pan Cake

5. First birthday Chocolate Vegan Cake

6. Chocolate Pirate Ship Cake

7. Kid-made birthday cake

8. Easy Peasy Frozen Cake

9. Rainbow Loom cake

10. Rainbow birthday cake

Birthday Cake alternatives: Kit Kat Cake Ideas, Doughnut Cake, Birthday Cake Ice Cream

DIY Invites & Party Favor Ideas 

You can adapt these ideas to fit your party theme.

1. Designing your birthday invite

2. Sparkly Fairy Wand invite

3. Superhero  invite, free printable

4. Pirate invite, free printable

5. Photo invite idea

6. 'Girly' invites, free printables

7. Bookworm party favor 

8. Simple Car Treat Bag 

9. Edible Play Dough party favor

10. Decorated Candles

Simple Games & Activities 

1. Set up a bubble station with different types of bubble wands.

2. Play Twister with Party Plates or make it outdoors.

3. Set up a Puppet Theatre using a big cardboard box

4. Have a scavenger hunt outside, or a treasure hunt indoors.

5. Try these indoor balloon games.

6. Or these water themed games.

7. Outdoor farm party games.

8. Fashion challenge with toilet paper and foil.

9. Butterfly catching game.

10. Frozen Dinosaur Fossils activity.

Party Theme Ideas and Tutorials

1. Ice Cream party

2. Under The Sea party

3. Cars party

4. Firetruck party

5. Outer Space party

6. Frozen party

7. Bird theme party

8. Simple Lego party

9. Art birthday party

10. Cupcake party

As you can see from these ideas, a fun birthday party doesn't have to be expensive. It all depends on your creativity and smart use of available resources!

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