Busy Hands: Wheel of Thankfulness

Gratitude is a quality that makes a better human being. Along with kindness, gratitude is something kids can cultivate early on. We did this Wheel of Thankfulness activity as a means of discussing the things we are grateful for.

A Wheel of Thankfulness activity to get young kids talking about gratitude and all that they are thankful for.

First, I talked to Little Dude about the most important things he felt thankful for. I made him a paper wheel naming the things we discussed. This is what I wrote on the wheel:

I'm Thankful for...
My Clothes
My Food
My Family and Friends
My Toys
My Home
My City

To make the activity more hands-on, we looked in magazines for pictures that represented these things. We then cut them out and pasted them on the wheel.

You could also take actual photos and print them out to paste on to the wheel, to make it more personal.

A wheel of thankfulness activity to get young kids talking about gratitude and all that they are thankful for.

This is a good way to get young kids talking about being thankful for what they have. It certainly helped my son understand gratitude.

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