Remembering Melissa of Wading Through Motherhood

Sometimes, life seems like an endless to-do list. We hardly get time to think, let alone contemplate, while we frantically try to keep up with all that we 'should' be doing. But sometimes, life takes us by the shoulders and makes us stop in our tracks. That happened to me recently when yesterday, I heard about the sudden demise of a fellow blogger and young mom, Melissa of the Wading Through Motherhood blog.

I knew Melissa in a way most bloggers know each other - through our written words, comments, and online conversations. I never met her, and yet I knew her to be a fantastic writer, a wonderful mom, and a friendly person. She was only 36.

I couldn't believe the news. It was as if a close friend who lived next door was taken away from me. Melissa visited my blog often, and loved to share her comments on my posts. She herself has written some amazing posts full of her parenting experiences and thoughts.

My heart goes out to her family - her husband and two young children who now need a lot of courage and strength to face this unbearable loss.

A fund has been set up to support her children. Donate here if you can.

Melissa has left behind her writing. I'm sharing a few of her articles below, and I hope you will too, to keep her memory alive. There are words here that will make you smile, or inspire you, or just make you nod in agreement.

"When you’re racing around because there is too much to do and not enough time, just breathe.
Breathe in the smell of your children’s freshly washed hair when they cuddle with you at night.
Breathe in the aroma of your morning coffee, whether it be hot, warm, or stone cold.  
Breathe in the moments of beauty, the silver linings, all the small, good things."

"There are risks all around us. However, if we take the necessary precautions, if we inform our children about the world’s dangers and arm them with the skills to navigate through challenges, I know that risks are a necessary part of life and personal growth."

"Because sometimes you have to push aside some of the chores and the allure of perfection to savor the moments with your family.  Sometimes, the workout gets skipped in favor of coffee and laughs with your friends.  Sometimes, you realize that certain things are more important than others."

"Before I had kids, I didn’t really know what it meant to sacrifice. I didn’t know that I could feel fear and love at the same time.  
I didn’t know I could enjoy blowing bubbles in the backyard so much or watching a spider spin a web. My life is faster but I’ve also learned to slow down and enjoy the small stuff, because my kids certainly do."

"Going just about anywhere by yourself feel like a mini-vacation….now what’s this I hear about something called a kid-free weekend?"

"As you sit in the bed, your chair, your couch, in the violet shadows of morning, you might think this baby thing is the best thing and the hardest thing in the world.  You might wonder how you could love anything else more."

Head on to Wading Through Motherhood to read more of Melissa's writing, and keep her and her family in your thoughts.

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