12 Calming Activities for Preschoolers

I'm still getting used to how active and full of energy my four-year old is, even after a a few hours at preschool! The thing with kids this age is that they are harder to distract than toddlers. But you can engage them in activities that not only keep them occupied, but also have a calming effect.

Here is a list of twelve great calming activity ideas that aren't hard to set up, and would be great for after-school or afternoons, maybe even before bedtime. Most of these would work for toddlers too.

Twelve activity ideas that are perfect for calming your preschooler, whether after school or before bedtime. Suitable for toddlers too!
Pictured activities marked with asterisk (*) below.
1. Mixing colours on foil* is one of our favourite activities, and keeps my son busy for a while.

2. I've heard that epsom salts have a calming effect, so this epsom salt sensory activity* is worth trying.

3. Lavender also has calming properties, so you could make lavender dyed rice, and use it for sensory play.

4. Or try this simple lavender play dough, which looks pretty too!

5. We also love this oobleck or 'melting goo' recipe*, which can keep kids engrossed in its changing form.

6. I love the idea of this shoving station*, which lets kids fill up bottles with different material.

7. Another great idea is this calm bin, which you can adapt to suit your child.

8. We tried painting with a twist by painting with kitchen tools, and it was quite engaging.

9. You could also try this cornmeal sensory activity with tools for making patterns.

10. Water bead sensory bottles* look lovely, and would no doubt have a calming effect.

11. I also like this Soap Foam Activity that's so colourful and fun too!

12. Yoga has been proven to calm us down, and kids can try it too. Try these calming yoga poses with your child, perhaps as a daily routine.

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