Test driving the Ssangyong Tivoli (Review)

If you haven't heard of Ssangyong Motors, let me introduce you to the 50 year old Korean company which started off manufacturing Army vehicles. They have since proved themselves as innovators in both design and technology in the auto industry.

We test drove their new 2016 Tivoli model to see how it fares as a family car. I don't have a UAE driver's license, but my husband does. So, this review is based on his experience driving the car, and the features I appreciated as a passenger. 

We've been driving a sedan, and so we are the kind of customers Ssangyong is really targeting with Tivoli. It's for people who want to move to a SUV. Tivoli is a compact SUV, to be precise, so you can say it is a crossover vehicle.

The Tivoli is easy on the eyes. The design features curves, yet maintains a sturdy look. The front end of the car actually has a layered design, so it makes it look taller than a car of this size normally would. In fact, the height of the car is one of its highlights. It gives a clear view, yet would be comfortable even for new drivers to maneuver. The LED headlights and the chrome wheels make it look beyond average. 

The windows for the backseat passengers extend longer than most cars, especially sedans. Even with a car seat, it gives a great view for passengers.

Another impressive feature is the boot space. It's quite big! While our car usually gets loaded up with grocery shopping, Tivoli has so much more space. We could easily fit in a whole picnic and some bikes in there. According to Ssangyong Motors, you could fit "three golf bags" in the boot. 

Inside, the car is spacious. The leg space is very comfortable, and so are the seats. Our model had fabric seats, and the material was such that would be easy to clean. That's a plus point for a family car! You could fit any type of car seat in the back, including Isofix. 

My husband's feedback of the driving experience of the 1.6 litre petrol engine is that it's as good as can be expected in these specifications. There are no disappointments. The auto transmission gear is fairly smooth, but could be better. 

The 7-inch touch screen is easy to use, and it's good to have two USB drives, and also an HDMI. The smart controls on the steering wheel are easy to use.

Some of the other notable features of Ssangyong Tivoli are:

- Seven airbags for added safety.

- Six sensor obstacle detection system to prevent accidents.

- Auto wiper function, and auto hazard lights.

- Climate control in air conditioning 

Tivoli is a good option for those looking to purchase an SUV that's not too big, but more comfortable than a smaller car. It's great for families because of the interior space and the large boot, and also the safety features. 

Ssangyong Tivoli will be available at their showroom in Ras Al Khor, Dubai (map here). Follow Ssangyong Dubai on Facebook for updates.

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