Five things new Moms need not worry about

Soon after you have a baby, it creeps on you. The worry. The anxiety. The fear. You think so many times before making even the smallest deci...


12 Calming Activities for Preschoolers

I'm still getting used to how active and full of energy my four-year old is, even after a a few hours at preschool! The thing with kids ...


Busy Hands: Straw Snowflake Craft

We don't get any snowfall here, but we love our winter crafts, like the  Texture Art Snowman and  Penguin Snow Globe  we made earlier. ...


Tips for encouraging your shy child

It's all too familiar to see little kids hiding behind their parents when they meet someone new. Not all kids are inherently shy, but th...


Busy Hands: Pom-Pom Painted Christmas Tree

Last year, I had set up an invitation to create christmas trees , and Little Dude and his friends loved making them. Our holiday craft for t...


Boys can like flowers too

It all started when we were out at a family restaurant one afternoon, and my son and I approached the balloon twister. The lady asked him wh...


Remembering Melissa of Wading Through Motherhood

Sometimes, life seems like an endless to-do list. We hardly get time to think, let alone contemplate, while we frantically try to keep up wi...


Busy Hands: Wheel of Thankfulness

Gratitude is a quality that makes a better human being. Along with kindness , gratitude is something kids can cultivate early on. We did thi...


Five ways to limit your screen time as a parent

It happens to me all the time. I'm playing with my preschooler, and while he's busy in the game, I think of taking a sneak peak at m...


Busy Hands: Sunshine Suncatcher

Suncatchers are fun to make any time of the year, and kids of most ages can create them. The best part is that you can choose any shape or t...


A Photo Walk at Dubai Butterfly Garden

Having been in Dubai for so long, I'm still surprised by how many new places there are to discover in this city. I've been hearing a...


Tips, Resources & Ideas for Throwing a Frugal Birthday Party

When your child asks for a 'big' birthday party, you obviously want to do whatever you can to give them the best birthday ever. Stil...


Benefits of Coding for Kids: Courses from The Coding Circle, Dubai

I must admit that I am surprised at how quickly my preschooler learns to use new technology. He knows how to unlock my phone pattern, use th...


Making preschool drop-off without tears

Whenever I go to drop Little Dude off to preschool, I see that some kids have trouble saying goodbye to their mom or Dad. Surprisingly, the...


Busy Hands: Fire Truck Shape Craft

My son loves cars and trucks so much that we find ourselves returning to this theme again and again when making crafts or doing activities. ...


Busy Hands: Leaf Matching and Colouring Activity

Even though we don't find real autumn leaves where we are, we love making our own! Like this painted Autumn Leaf Mobile we made last ye...


Developing your child's language through play

I've always believed in play being a wonderful medium for children to learn and grow. Babies show an interest in playing as soon as they...


Busy Hands: Weather Cards

Little Dude likes doing crafts independently these days. So, when we made these weather cards, I let him take the lead, with a little guidan...

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