Top Parenting Tips of 2015

The past year has been full of experiences that let me grow and learn as a parent. Many of those experiences turned into blog posts with tips and advice for other parents who may be going through the same.

Top parenting tips posts from Sand In My Toes in 2015.

These are my five most popular parenting tips posts from 2015:

5. Tips for getting your toddler to listen

"Even with toddlers, logic can pay off sometimes. Rather than simply making them do something, discuss in a gentle way the consequences of not doing an activity."

4. Eight tips to thrive as a stay-at-home mom

"When setting your routine, have your priorities in place. You certainly won't be able to get everything done as you would like to without breaking down. Choose what's more important to you and your family, and what you can get away with not doing everyday."

3. Tips for breastfeeding a newborn

"Your baby deserves a well-rested mother. Worrying about breastfeeding itself can have an impact on your supply. Try to stay calm and let nature do its job by releasing relaxing oxytocin when you breastfeed."

2. Things I wish I'd known as a new mom

"I don't think we ever feel as low about our bodies as we do soon after having a baby. I mean, everything goes haywire, and you don't know who you're looking at in the mirror. I wish I hadn't worried about that at all."

1. Tips for being a calmer parent 

"You can't go from being angry to not being angry in just a few minutes. Take a deep breath and move away from where you are if you have to. Just don't react when you still have anger inside you. "

This post is part of the Best Positive Parenting Tips series on The Jenny Evolution. Visit the blog for lots more top parenting tips from 2015.

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