Ten thoughts you have when pregnant

As we prepare to welcome another member in our family, I can't help but laugh at myself at times for the things that pop into my head. Pregnancy really does mess up your hormones, and crazy and emotional thinking follows.

This is the second time, but that hasn't prepared me for my unreasonable fears and illogical reactions. Since I have some experience with this pregnancy thing, and the anecdotes of my pregnant friends, I'm sure you'll find the list close to your own thoughts - whether you're expecting, or been there!

Ten thoughts you might have if you're pregnant!

Ten thoughts you have when pregnant:

1. Is it too early to buy baby clothes?

I don't know about you, but this is the first thought I had when I found out. I mean, who doesn't like buying baby clothes? It's so exciting when someone you know has a baby, and you can spend as long as you like in the lovely baby clothes section! And when you're pregnant, you can literally cuddle those clothes, and no one would bat any eyelid.

2. Was that the baby kicking, or gas?

They say movement can be detected at around 17 weeks. So, you're closely monitoring every little feeling you get in the tummy area. It's not like you can ever figure out where the stomach ends, and the uterus begins. You like to think that flutter you're feeling is your tiny baby kicking, but you know deep down that it's probably just gas, which you're producing a lot of. Thanks, pregnancy hormones.

3. Can't believe I have to go, AGAIN.

Even when your baby is the size of a pea, the immediate side effect of pregnancy is that you have to use the washroom all the time. There's literally a time when you may have to go every 30 minutes. And if your growing baby decides to nestle against your bladder, Lord help you.

4. Do NOT sneeze.

This is something only pregnant women really understand. The bladder - you lose all control over it. So, you really have to be careful about sneezing or even laughing too hard. Do they sell pregnancy diapers? Speaking of which...

5. I will never wear a bra again.

It's hard to breathe when you're pregnant. Apart from the fact that you're dealing with an overactive bladder, your mammaries feel like they're going to explode. So, wearing a bra can be pure torture unless you find something comfortable, even if it isn't the prettiest.

6. Oops, I can't bend that way anymore.

It happens so often. I try to twist my body how I'm used to, and then suddenly, the bump comes in the way. I do forget it's there sometimes! Pregnancy brain and all that. There are so many things you can't actually do that you begin to feel rather frustrated. Such as picking something off the floor (best just leave it there), or even getting a good night's sleep.

7. I am SO tired.

This could literally be your first thought of the day. What's with the tiredness? It just doesn't leave you, even if you're on the couch all day. This time, I had kind of made a resolution to make the most of my pregnant time because now I know what newborns are really like. But how much have I accomplished? Zilch. Because I'm so tired, I couldn't bother.

8. Wait, am I hungry or am I full?

Your appetite can be rather confusing during pregnancy. You can be starving (even if you ate recently), and yet, when you take a few bites you're so full. Your body keeps demanding food, and your poor, squished stomach just can't handle it. It's a sad Catch-22 situation.

9. When will I be like in those maternity shoots?

So, there's the first trimester where you don't even look pregnant, but definitely feel it. Then in the second trimester, people keep thinking you're just fat around the tummy. And you long for those beautiful bumps you see in maternity photo shoots. But when you get one, you quickly realize how uncomfortable a big bump is, and you want the baby out.

10. I'm dying for some more coffee!

This is the hardest thing for most of us. Especially when you're already a mom. Or have to cope with a full-time job when all you want to do is sleep. Whether it's tea or coffee you crave, being restricted on your caffeine intake is the worst.

It is blessed to be pregnant, but you also have to contend with so many changes to your body. Then again, you get to become a mother, which is a beautiful thing. Yes, despite the sleepless nights.

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