What you can look forward to at Legoland Dubai

Kids and adults alike are eagerly awaiting the opening of Legoland Dubai and Legoland Water Park. Dubai Parks & Resorts has made the announcement that the grand opening will be in October 2016, and we can't wait!

The announcement was made at a special event where Siegfried Boerst, general manager of Legoland Dubai announced the Annual Pass in the presence of some excited children!

Here are some things you can look forwatd to at Legoland Dubai and Legoland Waterpark:

- Legoland Dubai will feature over 40 interactive rides, shows and attractions and 15,000 LEGO model structures made from over 60 million LEGO bricks.

- It will feature six themed lands. Lego City will have airports, a boating school and a Rescue Academy. There will be fun learning opportunities for the kids.

- Kingdoms is a medieval themed land for kids who like knights and princesses. It will have rides such as Merlin's Flying Machine, skill games, and indoor building experiences.

- Imagination will feature Lego cars, and the Master Builder Academy. There will also be a Duplo Valley for toddlers and young kids.

- Adventure is a themed land for explorers. It will have a submarine ride, and ruins of an ancient temple with hidden treasure.

- Miniland will be made of 20 million LEGO bricks featuring Dubai’s skyline, and iconic landmarks from around the Middle East and the world. It will be indoor, and will also feature a ten meter Lego play table.

- Factory will be the area where you will be able to tour the Lego factory to see how Lego bricks are produced.

- The Dragon is a highlight at legoland Dubai and is also the park’s biggest ride at 16 metres high and reaching speeds of up to 60 kilometres per hour.

- Legoland Water Park will feature more than 20 water slides and attractions.

- There will be a Build-A-Raft River where children of all ages can customise their own raft using Lego soft bricks, before floating down a lazy river.

- The Build-A-Boat attraction will be where children can build using countless Lego bricks before testing their design against the flow of water in a 10 metre river.

The annual two-park combo pass for Legoland Dubai and Legoland Water Park is priced at 995 AED, with the annual pass for Legoland Dubai only is priced at 765 AED, and can be purchased at

Dubai Life 3731175716129137428

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