Parenting resolutions for my second baby

Expecting a second child brings with it a mix of emotions, and a lot of planning and resolving to do things better, and maybe, differently. I thought I had it all figured out when I was expecting my first one, but that is a fallacy most new moms get sucked in!

It's not that I have many regrets from the first time. I mainly let my instinct lead me as far as this parenting thing went. I didn't read any books. I didn't listen to the 'experts'. And everything turned out mostly okay.

But I did learn a few lessons too. Lessons I'm going to help guide me to coping better with the newborn phase, and keep my sanity intact, now that I'll have a preschooler to take care of too.

A few resolutions I've made to be a better parent with my second baby!

So, my little one, here are my ten parenting resolutions for you:

1. I'll hold you a lot, but I'll also put you down.

I will always offer you comfort whenever you need it, be it day or night. I'm there for you. But I also understand that it is impossible to hold you all the time. So that means you will have to be put down sometimes.

2. I'll let you discover the outside world.

With my son, I was afraid of taking him out during the first three months, and mostly, even after. But I realize that it is important for babies to get accustomed to the outside world, even if for short intervals.

3. I'll let you struggle to learn.

I won't run to help you roll over, or when you have trouble reaching out to a toy. I'll let you try to figure it out, because that's good for your developing brain.

4. I won't cry when you cry.

If you're crying uncontrollably for no clear reason, I won't feel like the worst mother in the world. Babies cry, and at times, nothing soothes them. I'll hold you close and try to comfort you, but I won't cry and make it worse for us.

5. I'll let things get noisy.

Our home was a tip-toe zone with my first, especially when he was sleeping. So much so, that any loud noise would startle him. That's perfectly normal for a baby. But I also want my second baby to grow up with the every day noise that comes with staying in a home.

6. I'll let you nap on the go.

My son would not sleep anywhere except in the comfort of home, or nestled in my arms. But since, I'm going to take you out and about, I hope you'll learn to nap outside too.

7. I'll let you entertain yourself, sometimes.

I'm sorry I won't be able to 'play' with you all the time. I hope you will be entertained by a soft ball, or the antics of your big brother. A sleep-deprived mom's mind is not suited for any form of entertaining!

8. I will let others hold you.

I thought I knew my baby best (which is, of course, true), and was afraid to leave him for any period of time with even friends and extended family. I should have.

9. I won't ignore myself.

Becoming a mom signs you up for uninterrupted hours of being called on to offer comfort, food, attention, and love. While this is expected, no person can be expected to be on the ball 24x7. I will give myself some time off too, even if it isn't for more than a few minutes. I will gladly accept help when it is offered, and I will faith in my husband to be able to cope with the demands of fatherhood.

10. I won't over-anticipate your needs. 

I should pay attention to your hunger cues, and be aware of your comfort. And I will do that. But I won't rush to feed you at the slightest whimper, without quite giving you the time to express your need. I won't rush back inside when the sunlight surprises you. I'll just let you to get used to your new life, at your pace, with me by your side.

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