Why you should let your kids get bored

As parents, we strive to give our kids a memorable childhood. But sometimes, it can be struggle to even keep them well fed and clean. During those difficult days, thinking about their all-round development can seem daunting. Are they getting enough mental stimulation? Are they being creatively challenged? Should they be playing out more often?

Making your kids' childhood wonderful isn't just about planning fun and stimulating activities for them. Sometimes, you just have to let them be and spread their creative wings!

If you grew up in the 70s, 80s (or even 90s), you know that these are not the kind of thoughts that gave our parents sleepless nights. You see, they didn't set unreasonable standards for themselves. They did the best they could to give us a good education and meet our meet our occasional requests for trendy toys. That's about it. If we were enrolled in hobby classes, it was either because we had an interest in the activity or our parents thought we ought to (and we did!).

In present times, parenting brings with it a lot of anxiety. Even before your baby is born, you're mentally straining to figure out mommy groups you'll join, and play dates you'll organize. It's as if you would be doing something wrong by sitting at home with your baby.

And as the kids grow, you want them to be very busy with activities to keep them occupied and make sure they have active social calendars. Don't get me wrong. I do a lot of planned activities and crafts with my son too.

But whatever happened to letting kids get bored? It's a natural human trait to get bored. And I presume, a good one too, because it makes us want to do something. It makes us want to create, or get active, or talk to someone. It makes us use our brains.

Isn't that what you want for your child? To use their mind and come up with ways to beat the boredom?

I really do support keeping free time for your kids so they can get 'bored'. Because that's when good things happen.

Here are some of the reasons why you should let your kids get bored:

It makes them creative.

By having nothing to do, kids need to necessarily find a way to end their boredom. You can count on them to come up with creative ways to use what they can find around the house, to play. Whether that means making a pillow fort or a blanket den, it makes them want to do something.

It sharpens the imagination.

With lack of directed play, comes imagination. What isn't there is quickly filled up by the imagination. And imaginative play is great for kids. It makes them think visually beyond their horizon, improves their communication, and  gives them a sense of wellness.

It leads to open-ended play.

Sometimes, kids don't even bother playing with all the toys you've lovingly bought for them. It's better to pick toys that can be used in a variety of ways, facilitating creativity. More so, if you have an outdoor space, that'e even better! Fill it up with things they can jump off or bounce on. Nothing beats boredom faster than physical activity.

It fosters sibling bonding.

If you have more than one kid, letting them be bored together without much intervention can actually be a good thing! They may end up squabbling, but they will most often end up as play mates. Working together on playing a game or creating one can help them with team work, and bonding with each other.

It's hard not to get involved in planning activities to keep our kids busy, sometimes, it's better to give yourself a break and just let them be. Kids are instinctively creative, and you'd be surprised by what they come up with!

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