Busy Hands: Craft Stick Flowers

We had a sick week from school, but Little Dude wanted to 'make something'. So, we made simple flowers with craft sticks (or you could call them popsicle sticks) and coloured paper.

Simple but fun craft activity - these Craft Stick flowers are so cute!

These are really easy to make, and kids can get as creative as they like. Older kids can cut out the petals and leaves themselves. But I cut them out for our activity. I even included some 'grass' to put at the bottom of the stick.

He loved putting them together in different combinations.

We loved making these Craft Stick Flowers!

We had a great time making these flowers! This is a great activity for improving fine motor skills, and could be done in a group as well. And kids can get really creative decorating these flowers with embellishments and glitter.

You could put a string behind them and hang them as ornaments, or stick them on to a card and frame the artwork. They would also look lovely on hand made cards.

Simple but fun craft activity - these Craft Stick flowers are so cute!

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