10 Taste-Safe Messy Play Ideas for Babies

Messy play has been part of our lives since Little Dude could sit up. It actually provides so many benefits to babies. They learn to hone their sense of touch, explore different textures, and calm their mind. It's a great sensory experience.

You don't have to worry about the 'messy' part either. It's not too hard to contain messes with babies. Choose a good spot, away from the carpet. You could set it up in the kitchen, outdoors, in a balcony, or even in a high chair. Messy play is best done in a diaper, so the wash up is easier.  You can even use a plastic table cover or washable play mat under them if you're really worried about the mess.

Once you've introduced the play material, let them freely explore. The ten ideas I've shared here are safe if your baby decides to put some in his or her mouth, but a word of caution - these are not be eaten in large amounts. So, always keep a close watch on your baby during messy play. Most of them ideas are suitable for babies once they can sit up, and until they're about 10 months.

Ten great messy play ideas for babies that are safe if they put them in their mouths too!

Here are ten taste-safe messy play ideas for babies:

1. Home made finger paint.

We used this simple recipe for finger paint that is made with simple pantry items, and no chemicals at all. Finger painting is so much fun for babies, and you can introduce foam shapes, and toys as painting tools as well.

2. Melting Goo

Three ingredients is all it takes to make this 'melting goo', a material that is great to explore. This colour mixing activity we did kept Little Dude busy for quite some time when he was a baby!

3. Cloud Dough Play

Again with simple ingredients, you can set up Cloud Dough Play that your baby will love feeling and exploring.

4. Ice Painting

This would be a great summer activity for your baby. This Ice Painting activity can be fun for babies to do even with their siblings.

5. Edible Sensory Play

You can even use edible material to make a sensory play experience for your baby. Check out this Cereal Sensory Bin.

6. Playing with Jelly

Jelly (or Jell-O) can be another great material for safe messy play. You can set up Jelly Play in a container, and let your baby get exploring!

7. Flour Tray

Using Textured Flour is another fun idea for messy play that babies will like. Give them the right tools, and they will get busy!

8. Food Play

Playing with food isn't something we usually encourage, but babies like to do it anyway. So, why not set it up as play time? Check out these food sensory play ideas.

9. Scented Paint

To the sense of touch, add the sense of smell experience with these Edible Scented Paints. This fun and messy activity can be on a high chair too.

10. Edible Slime

Slime is another sensory material you can offer your baby for messy play. Usually, slime isn't made with taste-safe material, but check out this edible stretchy slime recipe.

Have fun trying out these ideas with your baby, and remember to always supervise them!

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