Busy Hands: Ramadan Lantern Craft

Ramadan, the Islamic month of fasting, is mainly for adults but it's hard not to get the whole family involved in the spirit of the Holy Month. We created a Ramadan Kindness Calendar for kids to carry out small acts of charity, and we also explored some Ramadan books as a way for kids to better understand this important period.

We have also been crafting, and made this simple Ramadan Lantern that can be used as decor, or to light up during Iftar, the meal when the day's fasting ends.

Cute and colorful lantern craft kids can make for Ramadan or Eid!

Things you need to make the Ramadan Lantern craft:

- White card paper (thick enough to stand)
- Coloured cellophane paper (or tissue paper)
- Stars and moon glitter (or just golden and silver glitter)
- Electric tea light or LED light

How to make it:

1. Cut out the pattern for each side of the lantern, leaving a half-inch (1.5 cm) tab on one side. I drew this design by hand, and used it as a template to make four such cards (see image below).

2. Cut out a window in each of the cards.

3. Stick on different coloured cellophane in the windows.

4. Glue the glitter on to decorate the lantern.

5. Stick the four cards together by folding the tab in, and gluing to each other.

Making a lantern for Ramadan.

We used an electric tea light to light up our lantern and made it part of our Iftar set up. It looks great as decor too, and Little Dude likes that it's so colourful!

Cute and colorful lantern craft kids can make for Ramadan or Eid!

Depending on their age, kids can get really creative making this lantern, choosing their colours, and decorating it as they like.

Busy Hands is a series about activities and craft 
you can do with toddlers and young children.

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