Making Paper Lanterns with HP (Printables)

Festivals like Ramadan and Eid are perfect for getting together as a family and bonding. And I did take the opportunity this month to involve Little Dude by reading to him about Ramadan, doing crafts, and asking his help with Iftar preparation.

We found some lovely Paper Lantern craft printables and just had to try them! These lanterns were quite easy to make and assemble. First, we printed them on plain paper, and I carefully cut them out.

Next, we worked together on gluing the ends and sticking them to make the lanterns. There are three different kinds in all, and quite colourful too.

We love how these lanterns turned out, and how simple they were to make! They make great decor for Ramadan and Eid, and are a fun project to do with your kids.

You can download these printable lantern templates on the HP Facebook page, or their Twitter page. You can also download them in one file here. 

To make these lanterns, we used prints from our new HP DeskJet Ink Advantage 5575 printer. This home printer is an All-In-One device that can print, scan, and copy. I can see many uses for this device for our crafting and school projects.

The box came with power cables, two original HP cartridges, a CD for installation on your computer, and a few glossy photo printing papers. Do note that if you want to connect your printer through USB, you will have to buy a cable separately, although it is easier to connect through WiFi.

As far as printing goes, the colours are bright, and the printing is quick. Ink usage is also economical, and the cartridges used in this printer are reasonably priced, making it perfect for home use.

From our use of the HP DeskJet Ink Advantage 5575, here are some of the things we liked best about it:

1. Design wise, the printer is not too heavy, and has a smooth textured surface. There aren't too many buttons to worry about, and the touch screen panel is user friendly.

2. Set-up is easy. The touch screen panel on the printer has instructions on connecting to a WiFi network and setting up takes minutes.

3. WiFi Direct lets you print without a network. If you're unable to connect to the internet router, the printer acts as its own WiFi device and you can connect it directly to your laptop or smartphone. I tried this and it worked as fast as printing through the router.

4. The smartphone printing option is convenient. You don't even have to put on a computer! I downloaded an app on my iPhone and was able to connect with the printer and take prints. 

5. You can print two sides of the paper at once. This is such a useful feature! It saves time and paper at the same time.

6. The paper trays can be neatly stacked under a cover, taking less space and keeping dust out. There is a separate tray for photo prints. 

I'm sure we'll be using this printer for many of our projects and everyday use. This is a great option if you're looking to invest in an economical printer for your home. 

This post has been brought to you in collaboration with HP, but all views and opinions are my own.

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