Busy Hands: Christmas Tree Ornaments

Christmas always does bring out the creativity in our home! We loved making our Christmas Tree Hanging and the Pom Pom Painted Christmas Tree. I guess we love our Christmas trees, so here's another craft idea you can do with your kids this festive season.

Cute and easy Christmas tree ornaments using craft sticks that kids of any age can make!

These tree ornaments are simple to make, and kids can decorate them any way they like. That only makes them more personal, and special.

We used craft sticks (you may call them popsicle sticks) and coloured paper to make the trees themselves. I drew the outline of the tree by hand, and cut it out.

My son then stuck these on to the craft sticks, and then the decorating ensued! For one, we used styrofoam balls that I found in a craft store. For another, we used star glitter. And for the third one, we used metallic sequins.

Each of our ornaments had a sequin star at the top. Then, we cut out red ribbon and taped it behind the ornament.

I love how they turned out! The best part is that kids of any age can make these ornaments, and it would also be a fun craft activity for a group of kids.

Cute and easy Christmas tree ornaments using craft sticks that kids of any age can make!

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