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When you're a busy mom of two little ones, online shopping is a godsend! But it can also be limiting, when you only have so many brands you can choose from. I changed my opinion when I came across I was so impressed by the range of designer clothes for kids.

Showcased in a neat layout, you can choose from over 200 brands of clothing, accessories, and toys. They have brand names from the most coveted to the newly emerging. What is common among all their collections is how trendy and stylish they are! As such, shopping on is a wonderful experience where you have the satisfaction of having bought amazing designs while sitting in the comfort of your home.

The more I browsed through the online store, I more curious I became about the company itself. So I asked them a few questions, and here's what they had to share.

1. Tell me a little about the founders of 

Husband and wife duo, Alex Theophanous and Alexa Till, founded AlexandAlexa in 2007 in London. Bringing up two boys, they felt there was a gap in the market for online kids fashion. They wanted to provide a mixture of fashion, sports, toys, and footwear from global fashion houses. In November 2014, was acquired by The Luxury Kids Group.

2. What sets your shopping portal apart from the others?

The key things that sets us apart are:
- The vast mix of brands, from world known luxury brands to acorn brands.
- At A&A we use our own creative for all of our visual assets as opposed to our competitors who only reply on standard brand imagery.
- We pride ourselves on our competitive prices.
- We have a unique way of styling, by mixing and matching different brands.

3. How do you choose what brands to offer on the site?

New brands are always contacting us to showcase their products. We keep a keen eye on what is trendy and popular and are always anticipating the next big trend for the coming season. A lot of our key brands are regularly featured in the press, and popular choices helps to then feed into what we buy.

4. Who is your average customer?

Broadly speaking, our average customer is a 32 year old, busy, urban-living mum with an active lifestyle who has a love for fashion, interior design and travels often.

5. Do you have any plans for introducing region-specific collections with local designers, in the Middle East, for instance?

At the moment, we are focusing on growing as a brand in general. We are constantly trying to establish the right mix of both formal and casual wear, and we keep a keen eye on global market trends, vendors, and what our current sales are telling us geographically. We are certainly growing exponentially in the Middle East specifically as we are already ramping up our localisation effort in terms of our marketing, and we are definitely looking to partner up with local designers in the future once we are a solidly established brand in the region.

6. What are your plans going forward?

Our overarching aim is to be the very best luxury department store in the world, offering the most stylish of brands at the most competitive pricing, with quality customer care.

Now, I've been on the lookout for matching outfits for my boys for a while. I couldn't quite get what I wanted until I checked out where I was spoilt for choice. Here are some of those outfits that I shared on Instagram. Follow me on there, and watch out for more updates!

This is a collaborative post with, but is not sponsored by them. All views and opinions are my own. 

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