Creative play at Cloud 7, Level Kids

There's no shortage of places to take your kids out in Dubai to burn off their abundant energy. But sometimes, it's good to use the creative side of the brain too, and fewer places offer that kind of experience. We checked out Cloud 7 at LevelKids in Citywalk, Dubai. to see what this 'creative centre' was all about.

One of the things you notice first is the minimalist white interior of Cloud 7, which is a change from the usually colourful surroundings in most kids play spaces. The white stands in contrast to the colourful materials that are used for their many activities.

They have four creative activities, and three interactive activities. We tried most of them, and here's a brief look at our experience.

Soap Making

Little Dude got to pick out a mold for his soap, and he chose a car, of course! He chose stars to put in it, and little toys. The toys are great idea, because they give incentive for kids to wash their hands often. The staff helped him fill the mold, added a scent of his choice (strawberry!), and cooled the soap while he moved on to a new activity.

Interactive Digital Lab

For this activity, kids first make a mold of a game character, which is then scanned. They can then choose to customize their character's features and outfit. He liked the whole idea of this activity, but he isn't much of a gamer at this age, so we moved on to something else.

Creative Garage

Of course, he loved this activity! My son is a big fan of cars, so he liked tinkering with the huge wooden car they have, and also making the big car puzzle. He could have spent hours in here, if it wasn't for the enticement of other activities.

Building Block Assembly

The foam blocks in this section are so good for bringing out a child's creativity. They can be used to make any kind of structure. Again, he spent a good time here building, assisted by a staff member.

Candle Making 

This is another fun activity for kids, because they can choose from a variety of shapes and sizes for their candle. Little Dude chose a square one and filled it with some colourful wax cubles, topping with Lego wax figures. It turned out pretty nice!

Ceramic Painting 

While we were readying to leave, Little Dude said he wasn't just ready yet! So he tried his hand at ceramic painting. He chose a car yet again, and painted it quite imaginatively. Here too, they have quite a few designs to choose from, and paints are provided along with an apron.

The only activity we didn't try was the Cake Decorating. It would have been good, but we were short on time. Real fondant is used for the decorating here, but the 'cake' is made of styrofoam. I saw that this was quite enjoyed by some of the other kids there.

Citywalk Dubai is becoming a favourite spot for the people of this city, so I'm glad there's a place like Cloud 7 where kids can go and spend creative time while their parents shop or go out for a meal.

They also host birthday parties, which I'm sure will be a hit as kids have a lot at Cloud 7 to keep them busy.


Standard Entrance Package costs AED100 per child for two hours access and one creative activity. Superior Entrance Package costs AED130 per child for two hours access and two creative activities. Additional creative activities cost extra.

For more details, contact Cloud 7 on +971 4 5108317. They're located on the second floor of Level Kids, Citywalk Dubai. 

Follow them on Instagram or Facebook for updates. 

We were invited to visit Cloud 7 for this review, but all views and opinions are my own.

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