Busy Hands: 'Love Globe' Personalized Card

Recently, for Valentine's Day we made a card for Dad. To make it extra special, we wanted it to look personalized. So, I thought we should put in Little Dude's photo on it. This could be made for any occasion though. There's no specific day to say how much you love someone!

The result is a 'Love Globe' we created. The idea is to show him surrounded by falling hearts, much like snow falls in a snow globe.

Love Globe - A personalized card kids can make to say 'I love you'!

I first took his photo against a white wall (to make it easier to cut out), and printed it on regular paper. A photo paper would give a more glossy effect, if that's what you're after.

Then I drew a simple outline of a globe on white card paper. Little Dude coloured the base and outline of the globe with a blue crayon.

I cut out his photo and he glued it inside the globe. We then folded it in half after cutting it out.

Personalized photo card that kids can make!

Next, I cut out little red hearts for him to paste inside the globe. Finally, we wrote a message inside - "I love you sooo much!"

Love Globe - A personalized card kids can make to say 'I love you'!

Dad loved this card very much, and our artist is proud of his work!

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