Meeting the penguins at Ski Dubai

There are some experiences that are unique and memorable beyond your imagination. If you would have told me that I could meet real penguins in real snow here in the Middle East, I would have laughed. But that's exactly what happened. I did meet real penguins in Ski Dubai, and it was just amazing!

Before actually meeting the penguins, we were briefed about them by a trainer, who also gave us a history of how the penguins got there from Hubbs-SeaWorld Research Institute in the USA. It's interesting to know that the penguins aren't just there for us to look at, but are being observed for research purposes as some of them are are endangered species.

The trainers showed us where the penguins stayed, and how they liked to swim. We were also given instructions on how to behave when we met them.

First, we met the Gentoo penguins. They were a couple, Lollipop and Pumpkin, who were very comfortable around us.

Having met a penguin, I can now say that they are as cute as they appear on TV. They even obliged us with a photograph, posing at either side!

We then met the King Penguins. The kids had such a lovely time watching them play with their toys, and interacting with them.

The trainers then helped us actually touch the penguins. Little Dude hugged one, and I'm sure this is something he will always remember!

It was a wonderful morning learning so much about penguins, and seeing them at close quarters. What is important to remember is how we can play a role in conserving these species, by supporting institutions that are engaged in research to make things better for them.

Here's an infographic which has all details on the journey of Ski Dubai's snow penguins, as they celebrate five years here:

(Click for larger image)

You can book a Penguin Encounter starting at AED 235 for a Peng Friend Encounter, and AED 1,320 for swimming with penguins! For bookings and further details, visit their website.

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