Six ways to get your kids involved during Ramadan

Ramadan is a very special month for Muslims around the world. Rather than a festival or celebration, it is a time for fasting, remembrance of all that God has bestowed on us, and rekindling our faith. That's why it is called the Holy Month.

The month of Ramadan also brings families closer as they get together for meals, especially the breaking f the fast. Children love it too, because they don't have to fast and yet they get to enjoy all the goodies! More than that, they see more focus on prayers around the house, and this is a good time to get them involved in understanding Islam, and the importance of Ramadan.

Six ways to get your children involved during Ramadan - ideas, tips, resources, crafts, and printables.

Here are a few ways to get your kids involved during Ramadan:

1. Using learning resources

Without making it appear too complicated, you can use simple resources to help kids understand the basic tenets of faith. You could do it through activities, worksheets, or lesson plans. There are so many such resources available online. Here are a few good ones that I found:

Explaining Ramadan to your children - Muslim Mommy

Ramadan Activity Book for Kids - A Muslim Child is Born

Ramadan Lesson Plan for Kids - All Done Monkey

Ready for Ramadan - Little Brothers - Little Sisters - Arabic Playground

What is Ramadan? -

2. Reading books about Ramadan

Books are such a wonderful way to introduce or talk about a concept. There are so many new books coming out every day to help kids understand the whys and whats of Ramadan and fasting. Here are some lists to get you started:

21 Children's Books about Ramadan and Eid - Colours of Us

16 Wonderful Ramadan Books for Kids of All Ages - Pragmatic Mom

Another great way to progress through each day of Ramadan is to help children keep a journal. We reviewed the fantastic Bismillah Babies Ramadan books, and they were so informative and interactive.

You could also print a Ramadan journal from A Muslim Homeschool blog.

3. Encouraging good deeds

One of the key tenets of fasting in Ramadan is to be good, give charity, and do good unto others. A lesson in kindness is important for children, and Ramadan is the perfect occasion to encourage it. There are many ways they can do little acts of kindness, helping them think about family, friends, and others who could benefit from their goodness.

You can find many Ramadan calendars for kids, designed to help them do good deeds. Here are a few, including our own:

Ramadan Kindness Calendar Printable for Kids 

30 Days of Good Deeds - In the Playroom

A-Z of Akhlaaq Series - Jeddah Mom

4. Making decorations

While decorations are not inherently part of Ramadan, it's nice to involve kids in making something to mark the month. It could be simple lanterns, banners, or crafts that they can make themselves.

Here are some DIY decoration ideas for kids:

Simple Ramadan Lantern Craft for kids

Mosque Night Light tutorial - A Crafty Arab

Printable Ramadan Lanterns - My Halal Kitchen

Find more ideas on this Ramadan Pinterest board.

5. Simple dua's and prayers

Praying is not mandatory for kids, as is fasting, but they do like to follow suit when they see grown ups observing them. This is a good thing, and you can encourage prayers through teaching them easy duas and prayers at the right times.

These resources are handy:

Salaat Tracker from Arabic Playground 

Short Surahs from Little Muslims 

Ramadan Reminders for Kids from Middle Way Mom

6. Setting the table

Of course, Ramadan is a lot about food preparation for Suhoor (pre-dawn meal) and Iftaar (breaking the fast meal). This is also a great opportunity to get your kids involved around the house. In fact, check out this Age appropriate Ramadan chore chart for kids from Jeddah Mom.

You'll also find kid-friendly Ramadan recipes on Aquila Style and Noor Kids.

Have a Blessed Ramadan!

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