10+ Subscription boxes to entertain your kids

Most parents look at the summer vacation from school with mixed feelings. They're happy to be spending all that extra time with the kids, but there's also the task of suitably entertaining them so they don't binge on the iPad all summer. If you're lucky (and can afford it), you could whiz off the family to an idyllic location.

But if you're staying here in the UAE, you better have a plan to beat the heat and keep the kids productively engaged. You could spend on summer camps, which cost the same or even more than what you would be paying in school fees. And even if you do enroll the kids, they will be back home, claiming to be bored again!

There are only so many activities you can set up before you lose your mind. A good solution for that conundrum are subscription boxes, where everything is taken care of. You get something new and exciting every month. And why just for the summer? If you like them, you can just continue with your subscription.

I made this list while doing my own research for kits and subscription boxes for my son. I've first listed subscription boxes available here in the UAE, followed by those that ship here.

Subscription boxes to entertain your kids in the UAE

1. The Happy Box

This is probably one of the bestselling craft boxes in the UAE, which comes complete with a book, craft projects, and surprises. The packaging is lovely, and there's always something exciting about receiving this box of goodies.

AED 250 per box

2. Bookish

It isn't a box, but a bag of books you can rent from this online library. There's a wealth of books to choose from, with no limit on the number of times you can return and borrow new books. You can pick a plan that suits you best, but they do have one that especially for kids. Check out our review of Bookish.

AED 89 per month

3. My Little Painter

This company makes art kits which you can have delivered to your doorstep. Having recently launched, they have one kit at present, but they may introduce new ones.

AED 160 for an Underwater Kit

4. F Boxx Kids

This is one of the newest subscription box companies in the UAE, and they recently announced boxes for kids. Currently, they have a box for girls, but one for boys is coming soon, according to the website. The box contains health, beauty, and lifestyle products for kids.

AED 125 per box (AED 20 for shipping)

5. Kawaiibox

Stationery and craft loving kids will love Kawaiibox. It is a subscription serve for cute items such as stickers, accessories, and trinkets that are differently themed each month.

$24.90 (AED 91) per month. Shipping is free to the UAE if you have a PO box.

6. The Adventurous Mailbox

If you aren't going on a vacation, your kids can go on a virtual tour of the world through this amazing box! Each package contains eight books about different countries. You can have it personalised or upgrade to be part of an online community of little explorers. If you don't want the physical books, you can even purchase the e-package with all these resources. Check out this review on Learning Escapes.

$79 (AED 290) for all eight books or $20 (AED 73) for a monthly delivery of one book each. Shipping to a PO box is included in the price.

7. My Little Passports

This is probably one of the best subscription services for kids who love to learn about the world, and it caters to most age groups. Kids not only get a little play passport of their own, they learn in interesting ways about the different countries they can visit. Read this detailed review on Our Globetrotters, for more information and a link to subscribe.

$17.95 (AED 66) per month, plus shipping.

8. OwlCrate

This one is for hardcore readers. OwlCrate sends its subscribers the best young adult novels. Their Junior boxes cater to 8-14 year olds, and the regular ones are for older kids.

$27.99 (AED 103), plus $20 (AED 73) shipping.

9. Mysteries in Time

If you have a history buff in your home, they'll love this educational subscription box for kids. Presented in a fun package with 'time machine' theme, kids can learn about different time periods and civilizations. This subscription is aimed at 7-11 year olds.

GBP 7.95 (AED 38) per month for a Classic Pack, and GBP 2.95 (AED 14) for delivery to a post box.

10. My Geek Box

Mainly known for its subscription service for adults, the kids version of this box contains toys, books, stationery, and other surprises. Suitable for kids aged 5-11.

GBP 19.99 (AED 95) per month, and GBP 3.99 (AED 19) for shipping.

Considering how expensive summer camp or even an outing to some attractions may be (or that it's just too hot to go outside), these subscription boxes are worth the cost. Still, there seems to be so much potential for activity boxes in the UAE. I hope we see new businesses coming up with more ideas to keep our kids busy!

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