Our top Back To School picks from Stuck On You

Are you up to speed on your back to school shopping? Just when I think I'm done, something else pops up on our to-buy list! Labelling everything is so important too, and you want the labels to last the wear and tear that kids put them through. And it's even better when you can just get the items personalised because they don't just look cute, they're so much more practical.

Stuck On You is a company that knows a thing or two about labels (what they started off with), and a range of back to school products that can be customised by your choice of design and colours. After all, they've been doing it since 1995!

We just bought a few awesome products from Stuck On You, and I wanted to share some of our favourite items with you:

1. Personalised bento box

What's better than a bento box that is leak-proof and has enough compartments for a balanced lunch? One that has your child's name on it! Not only that, they can choose the motif that goes on top, and the colour as well.

2. Sandwich bag

This sandwich bag is a great idea to reduce waste, and can be personalised with such lovely design options to choose from.

3. Bag tags

These come in very cute designs and can be personalised. I think this one is especially good for little children, so they can identify their bags easily.

4. Multi-purpose name labels

These labels are quite durable, and can be used almost anywhere (except clothes). Trust me, you need these for the variety of items you would be expected to label.

5. Personalised markers

If you have a creative child like mine, they would be delighted to have these bright markers, each personalised with their name.

6. Large pencil case

I prefer buying pencil cases to boxes because they use much less space. These ones can also be personalised, and are big enough to hold many stationery items.

7. Personalised note pad

For kids who are creative writers, doodlers, or sketchers, the personalised note pad is a great gift. I mean, I'm planning to get one for myself!

Here's a peek at what we bought:

See the whole range of products on if you're in the UAE, and if you're elsewhere. 

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