My Greatest Moments in Dubai

I've spent countless years in the UAE, so it's fair to say it's as much of home to me as where I come from. All our happy memories are made up of many strings of special moments that we treasure all our lives. I'm glad to say that many of my happiest moments happened here in Dubai, so I thought I'd share a few with you.

These are eight of my greatest moments in Dubai that made me truly happy:

1. Becoming a mother.

The excitement of becoming a mother for the first time was unbelievable! When I first held Little Dude in my arms, it was as if time stopped still. I can still close my eyes and remember that moment.

2. Becoming a mother, again.

The magic doesn't become any less the second time! Almost a year ago, my littlest one was born and I felt a rush of love that I didn't even know existed. Seeing my two boys giving me more joy than anything else in this world.

3. Seeing my son graduate preschool.

When my oldest moved on from preschool and on to kindergarten, it was a big moment for me. Seeing him graduate in his little gown filled me with so much pride and love.

4. Celebrating nine years of togetherness with my husband.

My husband was the reason I moved back to the UAE after having left since finishing school. We've spent most of our married life here and have had so many memorable moments in this country.

5. Having my mom visit us.

As an expat, you always yearn to be with your family and friends back home. It was especially nice when my mom stayed with us when Little Dude was born, and seeing them bond.

6. Taking a yacht ride in the Marina.

There's something about the sea that is so beautiful and serene. When we did a yacht ride around the Palm Jumeirah, it was the first time in the sea for my son, and we thoroughly enjoyed the sights and the splashing of the waves beneath our yacht.

7. Enjoying my first experience with snow.

I'm yet to visit a place with snowfall, but at least I got to experience real snow when we visited Ski Dubai! We even visited the penguins there, and it was a time I'll always remember.

8. Visiting the Burj Khalifa.

I'm proud to stay in a city which has the tallest building in the world. The first time we viewed the city from the 125th floor, it was an amazing experience and a breathtaking sight.

Recently, we participated in the Great Moments campaign by P&G in partnership with Carrefour hosted in the UAE. The campaign was giving the UAE community a chance to share their great moments of happiness with their families and loves ones and also create new ones through by helping to break a Guinness World Record and winning family experiences from Majid Al Futtaim.

To break the Guinness World Record for the longest line of photographs, photo booths were placed in Carrefour Mall of the Emirates and Dubai Festival City where people could tell the world who they would like to share a great moment with, and I am glad to say that UAE did it! 10,850 of the UAE community shared their photos stretching over 1.5kms in length. The structure has now been placed in Dubai Festival City until August 16.

This is a collaborative post for the Great Moments campiagn, but all views and opinions are my own.

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