Diary of a Toddler (1): Never let go

I turned 18 months old today, and Mama has high hopes that I will become more independent. She's really counting on me walking soon so she can put me down and go om with whatever 'important' things she does around the house (although I seriously doubt that).

Well, she's going to see that I'm not ready to let go yet. I really think walking is overrated, when you can get by so much faster with crawling. Walking will only slow me down. But I have been practicing my walking too but only when either Mama or Abba hold my hands. Then I make them walk all around the house until they tire out and furiously try to distract me (doesn't work, usually).

But there is one thing I love more than crawling and that is being carried around like royalty. It's the easiest and fastest method of getting around I've discovered so far. I make sure I don't sit by myself for more than ten minutes unless I'm really busy playing. Otherwise I just start screaming until Mama comes running to pick me up. Yup, I have no intention of letting her go anywhere without me on her hip.

I'm sure she'll realise soon enough that this is for her good. I mean, I'm going to be all grown up and then she'll miss me as a baby. So, I'm making sure that she doesn't miss a single moment.

Diary of a Toddler is a series of snippets about my youngest son, Little Guy, 
as he explores toddlerhood. I wrote a similar series, Toddler Tales, about my firstborn. 

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Kinshoo said...

Rolling and Laughing. So simply you described the very emotions of a toddler.

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