Diary of a Toddler (2): Off I go

For a long time now, Mama and Abba have been suggesting, encouraging, bribing, and even commanding me to try walking. But I have a mind of my own, you see. And although I had already taken my first steps weeks ago, I was in no mood to actually start walking. It's more fun crawling and being carried around.

Then I realized I could do so much more of what I wanted to, and go where I want to, if I tried this walking thing. I think now when I finally did it, everyone at home is equally joyous and relieved. They can't believe I have finally done it at 20 months!

So I'm officially walking, but doing it completely on my own terms. At first, I humoured them by picking up things and handing them over, but hey, I'm no delivery boy, and I'll walk when I want to! And I can always tug Mama and make that sad face when I want her to pick me up. I know she can't wait to have me up and running, but I will take my own sweet time, as with everything else.

On a side note, Mama 'discovered' my two upper molar teeth completely by accident recently. Talk about 'second child syndrome'! Guess there's no escaping brushing time now.

Diary of a Toddler is a series of snippets about my youngest son, Little Guy, 
as he explores toddlerhood. I wrote a similar series, Toddler Tales, about my firstborn. 

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Khushboo said...

Hurray!! He is now walking! Party!

Unknown said...

That’s so beautiful and so relatable !

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