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My name is Tarana Khan (you can also call me TK!) and I am a lover of words and wielder of the pen. Writing is what drives me and really keeps me going.

In all, I have seven years of work experience as a copywriter, reporter and content editor. I left the corporate world behind when my husband and I moved to Dubai in 2008.

I was always blogging (on and off) but Sand In My Toes only materialized about a year after my son, the Little Dude, was born. Blogging became my entry into a world where I could share my parenting experiences - whether they were inspiring, funny, or just frustrating. Since then, I've started writing about many more subjects, but the core focus of this blog has always been about being a first-time parent.

I'm a parent...

Parenting is a journey in which you grow with every step. Since I became a mother over two years ago, I have been through a roller coaster of emotions, and that's what you'll find interspersed in this blog. I have shared my adventures, observations, thoughts and emotions. When I can, I share some advice that may be of use to other moms.

Here are a few of my favourite parenting posts:

Things I wish I'd known as a new mom

Ten distractions every mom needs

Parenting in a big, bad world

It never gets easier, only better

See more of these on the Parenthood page.

I also have a section dedicated to Toddlers. It's probably because my life currently revolves around one! Apart from sharing a few quirks of toddlerhood, I have a series called Toddler Tales in which I document how Little Dude is growing before my eyes.

There is a new series called Busy Hands in which you will find activities and craft that you can do with your baby, toddler or preschooler.

I'm a non-expert...

With professional experience in the online industry, I have a keen interest in learning the ins and outs of blogging. Whatever I learn, I like to share with fellow bloggers as a self-confessed non-expert!.

These are some of my posts in the Blogging Tips section

Dos and Dont's for Pinterest newbies

Five avoidable blogging mistakes

15 lessons from a year of blogging

SEO checklist before you publish a post

I'm an expat...

I am an expat to the core! Born in Mumbai (India), our family moved to Sharjah (UAE) when I was little. We later moved back to India to settle in New Delhi. That's where I worked, and later, met my husband. It wasn't long before I found myself back in the country of my childhood, this time in Dubai. Little Dude was born here, and I'd really like to settle down now - whether here or back home!

I love sharing thoughts on living away from family, and exploring the vibrant city of Dubai. 

You can find my writing on expat living in the Dubai Life section. Here are a few of my favourites:

42 reasons why I love Dubai

The city of my childhood

Touring Dubai on a budget

I'm honoured!

Even though it was a little overwhelming at first, I'm glad to have connected with so many other wonderful bloggers. Check out my interviews on expat blogging community Expats Blog, and expat community InterNations.

I have also had the honour of writing for fantastic blogs such as Mama Smiles, Cropped Stories, and Mum Turned Mom.

Check out my awards, interviews, and published guest posts.

See you around!

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