Okay, almost in an ominous response to my last post, winter has arrived in Delhi with all its chill. It's cold, it's wet and it'...


The chill doesn't bite!

Winter has been disappointing this time round in Delhi. There was a time, not very long ago, when people used to be warned against the Delhi...


So, what do you do?

Simple as it may seem, this is one question I dread. For some reason, I find it hard to explain to people what an 'online journalist'...


Is not exposing a crime?

That's what the debate over the wearing of veils my Muslim women seems to indicate. The question that comes to my mind is - what do veil...


Beyond the figures

Seema Chishti has written an insightful article in The Indian Express ( Minority Report, in numbers ). It brings to light how the Muslim ca...


Marriages of convenience?

Many would not agree that infidelity in marriage or a committed relationship is a new phenomenon. It is not. The inclination to digress is a...


Justice finally dawns

Yesterday, 17th Oct 2006, was a great day for the Indian people. Yesterday Priyadarshini Mattoo's murderer's acquittal was reversed....


Fear the mosquito

What place does the tiny mosquito have in the ecosystem? Very insignificant, to say the least. Yet, the very same insect is bringing humanit...


Delhi loves barging in!

Not been a Delhiite for long (six years is hardly anything for this city with a glorious history). From what I have observed, there is one t...


The woman question: Confronting issues

Aamir has taken the discussion further with very relevant points. For one, if women think that being a sex object is liberation - they are w...


The woman question

An interesting comment by Aamir Zia in my previous entry has triggered something in my mind. I avoid writing about my religion because I fe...


I want my life back!

Do you sometimes feel like your life is not your own? That you are living it more for others than yourself? I am not talking about the phila...


Critical times

It seems to me that we are increasingly becoming a judgemental race. Especially with so many outlets to express ourselves, we are taking the...


Are we aging faster?

I think we are. This is no scientific treatise, but just my observation. We may be leading longer lives thanks to medical advances, but how ...


Why do we need Valentine's Day?

I may sound like Scrooge, but it really makes me wonder: Why exactly do we need to celebrate Valentine's Day? Is there only one day in t...

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