Ghalib descends in Nai Dilli!

I have often wondered how the stalwarts of Urdu poetry would have reacted to the gaana-bajaana to today. While these musings often go unfulfilled, I had the opportunity to witnessing Ghalib's rebirth in his erstwhile abode on earth (Delhi, pal!). And no, I havn't had too much black coffee to fire up my imagination. Last evening, I was at Alliance Francaise watching the play, Ghalib in New Delhi, performed by Pierrot's Troupe.

The thought itself is funny - Mirza Ghalib in nouveau Delhi. The comic play takes us through Ghalib's exasperation as he encounters people who have forgotten the beauty of Urdu poetry - born and brought up on Bollywood songs as they are. Not only that, the whole culture's changed. It's no longer a Mughal town but a bustling melting pot of characters a Delhiite encounters everyday. This interesting plot sealed by good performances by the actors makes it worth a watch.

I won't give too much of it away, though. For those of you who missed it, there's another performance on 1st April at 7.30pm at Shri Ram Centre, New Delhi.
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Adonis said...

Its not a Classical Spaghetti we should read and write about.

I didn't fully read it even.

Hill Goat said...

I hope you are not making an April fool of us...

Tarana said...

Of course not! Check it out in the papers, if you don't believe me!!

Gugan said...


good to see someone in life watching plays and reading books!

life ho to aisi!!:)

Web Marketeer said...

well its really a cool idea and I am sure if he would have been here now he would have definitely made use of blogs to show his anger on bollywood.
Any way hey how comme you youuuuur blog is just $1,129.08 only????

Hill Goat said...

no views on special economic zones or indian cricket, ms sociologist?

Ritumbra Bhandari said...

Ah! one of the first plays i saw ...

the long back cast of the early 2000'2 was far more promising then the recent ones, only that then i was not sure that i can fall in for Theater actors as well, along with the Play !! :)

Reminds me of the good ol' life at Delhi and Mandi House !!

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