Hands up! It's the traffic police

If you happen to visit Delhi any one of these days (unless you stay here), you will be surprised at the vigilance and zeal of the Delhi Traffic Police. Yes, the same one with the slogan 'Your Safety Our Concern'. And this isn't because the bribe rates have increased or a foreign dignitary is on a visit, but it is thanks to the directives of the Delhi High Court for better enforcement of traffic rules in the Capital (see The Hindu report).

This Monday onwards, Delhi woke up to a dream city of sorts where every traffic violator was made to pay for his crime. And this includes the previously untouchable DTC bus drivers and auto wallahs. Fines were collected to a tune of Rs 17 lakh from the 'exercise'. I use this word because I have no idea how long this charade is going to last. Maybe it will lose fizz just like the sealing drive.

What I found surprising was that many people complained to the news media that they had to pay hefty fines (with a cess of Rs 500) for violations. On second thoughts, you can't really blame them...they're not used to obeying traffic rules, yaar. You can't come up to them one fine day and say "Keep the 100-rupee note to yourself, I'm cutting you a challan." Not that corruption has been rooted out of DTP overnight. That tradition continues but the heat of the judiciary is still burning and no one wants to burn their fingers. Not even the drivers who are waiting for things to return to 'normal'. My point is, unless these enforcement measures are ingrained into the functioning of the traffic police, we can't expect the drivers of Delhi to mend their rash ways. Another issue at hand is the accountability of the administration for the money collected as fines - by all reason, that money should go into a more efficient public transport system, not just flyovers.

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Mr. Diabetes said...

Yes I agree Ma'am.... Even a person like me is trying 2 improve my habits... I am not driving rash on Roads, stopped jumping the red lights, stopped talking on the phone while driving and yes i have removed the tinted glasses( Sob , Sob)... but than to think of it, its 4 my own good, apart from the tinted glasses ofcourse... but first time dp is actually doing a good work... keep it up!! lets hope the traffic conditions will improve a bit in delhi

Zaigham Hasan said...

Now your blogs have become more eloquent and informative. Keep it up!

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AMODINI said...

It's great that the traffic police has decided to penalise violators - Delhi needs it. But am still the cynic - how long before this hype fades and the bribes go back into the policeman's pocket ?

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