Capital in chaos

For the past few days, regular Delhi-ites (not the high-flyer variety) are in deep muck, because of the government's inability to provide a reliable, convenient transportation system. The capital of India is in dire straits after a crackdown on private buses which have been flouting every rule in the book ever since they opened their eyes.

Anyway, thousands of buses are off the roads, either in protest or because they have been booked. Now, people are forced to travel on the public buses which have never taken their job seriously since they opened their eyes.

And now, it seems, auto-rickshaw drivers (who were under the scanner earlier) are making the most of the public distress. I experienced this first-hand yesterday when I went to Lajpat Nagar market to pick up some stuff. I do this sometimes in the evenings and I didn't expect things to be as bad as they were. Well, at 8.30pm there were no autos available and people were stranded all over the place as auto wallahs refused to go or charged the moon. Ultimately, I ended up taking two cycle rickshaws to cover the 6.5 km distance home!

This makes me think about the mentality of Delhi versus Mumbai (again!). On 26th July 2006, when people were stranded due to the floods in Mumbai, strangers offered people lifts home, taxi drivers took passengers without caring about money and shops stayed open all night to provide shelter. Consider the situation in Delhi where the slightest bout of rain or agitation is fully taken advantage of by everybody to fleece commuters.

I mean, this is the capital of Asia's emerging superpower, for heaven's sake! I rest my case.
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AMODINI said...

I was watching this on TV. Even though the buses are a menace, the people suffer either way. The buses that are there are over-crowded and flout rules. And when the government steps in to do something about them, they strike or whatever, or get shut-down without adequate replacements, and who suffers ? The common man. The poor common man.

Unknown said...

This issue has assumed great proportions and its high time now since the govt has taken any action on this front. The Bluelines have to go..... as the number of accidents and fatalities are growing by each passing day with innocent people and even kids losing lives. But it should be done in a phased and planned manner in order to avoid agony and inconvenience to commuters.

We are paying higher taxes every year,Still we are aptly short of a desired infrastructure level, we dont have healthy roads, ample number of DTC buses, water, electricity supply etc.

Where is all the money going??? and why is the common man getting hit the most due to all this?????

Hill Goat said...

Let us know your views on Kiran Bedi too. I mean, do you think given a chance to head DP, she would have rid poor delhiites with Auto-Blackmail and Blue Blizzard?

(Incidentally, there was a time when she brought discipline to delhi roads; got all the headlamps painted in black half since Delhiites would (still do) use high-beam even on city roads)

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