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When you step out of your home in Delhi, do so at your own risk. Everyday, at least one person dies under the wheels of a private bus on Delhi's roads. And that's the end of it. Don't even think about justice, because this is the kind of justice the victims get:
A Delhi court today fined a private bus driver Rs 2,000 and sentenced him to two years imprisonment for running over a person waiting at a bus stop 11 years ago.
This is from a report in The Indian Express today. A man whose only fault was that he was waiting at a bus stop expecting to get from one place to the other, was run over and killed. A man lost his life. A family lost their support. And what does the murderer get? Two years in jail, a meager fine of two-thousand rupees and just two years in jail. And after eleven years too. What sort of justice is this?

This sentence is the very reason more people die on the roads everyday. Because nobody really cares. The government started a mighty drive against errant drivers, caused much trouble to the commuters of Delhi and today, things are back to 'normal'. Normal in the sense we know from everyday. We know that we are responsible for our own safety and there is no state mechanism looking out for us. We know that we can't expect justice, except a token sentence decades down the line.
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