A Day Like Today: Swimming at the lake

Today's guest blogger is Sara, of mumturnedmom (read more about her below). Sara and her family moved from Scotland to the USA, and needless to say, that brought about quite a few surprises and adventures! In this post, she talks about the joys of playing in the sun, something they didn't get to do a lot before then!

When we moved to the US from Scotland last year, I promised myself that we would spend far more time together, as a family, just having fun.

It was a big move: giving up my job; leaving friends and family; moving (far) away from home; settling into new schools, preschools, play groups; making new friends. I wanted to grab the opportunities that the move brought with both hands. Experiencing new things; taking the kids to new places; having adventures!

We arrived in the middle of summer 2012 and spent August finding our feet, struggling with the heat and furnishing a house. We did not make the most of our new surroundings!

This summer was different. We were settled. We had explored. We had found new favourite places - the sort of places where memories are made. This summer was also hot. Really hot! I loved it, but I think the rest of the family found it a bit much at times. Finding ways to cool off became a priority.

We've never spent much time at the beach and swimming outside was well, inadvisable (cold!), in Scotland. You go for bracing walks, you might (if feeling very brave) paddle - but you'd probably keep your wellies on! You might sit on a blanket, wrapped in a blanket...

One of our new favourite places is Breakheart Reservation. It has a lake with a small beach, and in the summer they rope off a swimming area. It's shallow and warm and sun fish nibble at your ankles. There are lifeguards on duty. It's safe.

The first time we took the boys swimming there will always be one of my favourite days. To see them swimming in a fresh water lake in the sunshine, warm and happy, was amazing! I suspect a large part my excitement was simply because it was not something we would ever have done in Scotland, certainly not in such comfort! And, we weren't on holiday somewhere exotic: we were at home.

The boys loved it! They swam and splashed. They looked for fish and chased the ducks. They collected treasures (stones!). They made friends and played. They laughed and squealed. They stayed in the water for a good couple of hours, and didn't want to leave. The look of sheer joy and excitement on their faces will stay with me.

The wee girl had her very first experience of sand between her toes, and while this wasn’t a huge hit, she loved the water and was very disappointed that we wouldn’t let her go off with her brothers!

As a family, we love picnics, and as we sat on our blankets that day eating our sandwiches, I looked out over the lake. It is such a beautiful, peaceful place. I felt calm and centred and happy.

It's really something when you realise, in a moment, that it is one you will remember: that you are making a special memory. That it is a good day.

We went back several times over the summer, on our own and with friends, but I will always remember that very first time.

I'm Sara and I blog over at mumturnedmom. I'm a Scottish mum of three, two boys and a girl; who by turns amaze, amuse and drive me nuts! We are currently living on the East Coast of the US, enjoying a change in lifestyle and making the most of our overseas adventure. I blog about my family; parenting and motherhood; days out; activities and crafts; alongside my musings on the challenges, frustrations and opportunities of relocating overseas. You can also find me on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, G+ and Instagram! I also have a Tumblr account, but I haven't quite worked out what to do with that yet!

(A Day Like Today is a guest post series about sharing memories of special times spent with kids. You are welcome to contribute to this series.)

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Orlena said...

Looks lovely. There is nothing better than cold water on a hot day.I remember last summer being in France and nowhere near the sea. It was boiling so we stopped to swim in a mountain river. It was fantastic, even without swimmers! (Undies dried quickly in the heat.)

Tarana Khan said...

Mountain water is even more refreshing than the sea! That must have been a memorable day for you :)

Jaime Oliver said...

beautiful post by the wonderful Sara xx

thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments x

Coombe Mill - Fiona said...

Looks just like my boys swimming in our river here in summer. Great fun.

Unknown said...

Looks like a memorable day and one Sara and her family will be able to revisit frequently from their new home.

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