Snapshots of Christmas in Dubai

My earliest memory of Christmas is watching Disney's 'A Verry Merry Christmas' on a VHS tape (or maybe, it was Betamax)! As a child, this season was always magical for me, even though it was not celebrated at home. Mainly, it was because of all the movies and animated films in which something magical always happened and everyone was happy in the end!

There's lot to see in Dubai during the festive season, and even though we didn't go out as much as we did last season, I thought I'd share a few photos of how Christmas is celebrated in Dubai. There are many expats who celebrate this festival, so it is a big deal here. In fact, everyone, like me, get caught up in the spirit!

I always like to visit the WAFI Mall in Dubai because, arguably, they have the best Santa's grotto in town! Even though their grotto was big this year, their decorations were much bigger and better last year. Here are pics of the tree at WAFI:

Christmas Tree at Wafi Mall, Dubai

Little Dude 'knows' Santa but clearly had no intention of sitting on the old man's lap, so we didn't bother queuing up to get inside the grotto. But we did catch a surprise when Santa left by backdoor on his sleigh! Some snapshots:

Too bad we didn't get to see their famous Sound and Light show because it was cancelled that day. It was Christmas-themed last year and pretty nice.

I usually also visit the Festival Centre at Dubai Festival City because it's never too crowded, and their Christmas displays are lovely. This time, they had a small play area for children too. We also caught the choir's performance.

Christmas tree at Dubai Festival City

Little Dude really liked the snowman in their play area, but refused to go near it! I wish I could show him a real snowman someday. Inside the mall, we also managed to see a little Christmas parade.

Christmas at Dubai Festival City

Here's a little video from the Water, Laser and Light show at Festival City:

This is how the season is in our part of the world. Happy holidays to you, wherever you are!

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Coombe Mill - Fiona said...

It looks like you have some lovely Christmas displays and things to visit and I do love the idea of a play area for children too, always makes a difference. Loving your photos and your snowman even if he isn't real snow. So far this year we have only made snowmen out of hail storms but we are hoping for the real thing before spring. Happy Christmas to you and yours and thank you for sharing your wonderful photos on Country Kids.

MaryAnne said...

They know how to celebrate! Thanks for sharing this with us!

Tarana Khan said...

Thank you too, Fiona, for stopping by my blog!

Tarana Khan said...

Glad you liked the post!

Happy Homebird said...

Thank you for these pictures, I love seeing how other places in the world celebrate the holidays. The light show is amazing.Sam

Tarana Khan said...

Thank you, Sam!

Notmyyearoff said...

We were in Dubai last Christmas and it was SO festive in a very grand fashion. Even more so than here with so much to do. Lovely photos!

Tarana Khan said...

Thank you, Tas!

Charly Dove said...

Oh wow Tarana it looks amazing in Dubai at Christmas. Fabulous photos - especially like the perspective in the first Christmas tree photo. It sounds like there's lots of fun to be had there - I bet the Christmas parade was good. I'm sure Little Dude loved seeing Santa appear from his sleigh too. Great post, thank you for sharing with #whatsthestory

Tarana Khan said...

Thank you!

mumturnedmom said...

Wow the decorations are amazing aren't they?! Sounds like there is so much going on, lots of fun! I hope you had a lovely Christmas and Happy New Year when it comes xx

Tarana Khan said...

Thanks, wishing you a happy new year too!

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