Busy Hands: UAE Keepsake Box

UAE is our second home, technically, but to my kids it's undoubtedly their first home. They weren't just born here, they have spent ...


The playful world of OliOli

Having been in Dubai for so many years, I've seen how kids are positively spoilt for choice when it comes to activities and play areas. ...


A brick-tastic sixth birthday celebration!

It seems only yesterday I was writing a letter to Little Dude when he turned two . Life has been a whirlwind since then as I got busy with t...


Busy Hands: DIY Truck Puzzle

One thing that Little Dude has always been in love with are trucks. Since he was a toddler, he likes all kinds of trucks. So, when we though...


The sustainable alternative with

There's so much we think about before choosing toys for our kids. They have to be educational and creative, but also fun. After all, the...


7 Tips to Stop the After-school Whining

As much as I look forward to seeing my son home from school every afternoon, there's a part of me which braces herself for a meltdown. A...


A rainbow dots first birthday party!

First birthdays are so special, which is why I started planning Little Guy's birthday well over a month in advance. We prefer doing smal...


Busy Hands: Wind Tower Craft

Wind towers are a very common sight in the UAE. They have a historical importance, not just in the UAE, but in many Middle Eastern countries...


My Greatest Moments in Dubai

I've spent countless years in the UAE, so it's fair to say it's as much of home to me as where I come from. All our happy memori...


Children need their village too

In the thick of the summer holidays, I felt my plate quite full. It seemed as if my mind was brimming with doing too much, thinking too much...

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